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Capital One Auto Finance - Unaware buyer beware 1 of 1 people found it helpful
I had auto financing with capital one. I'm at the end of my contract and I looked at the financing charges; the word LOAN SHARKING on the down low. I never thought capital one would be so cut throat. I never bother to check the financing charges, because I believe that the company was honest. I spoken with several different representatives & someone at corporate office by the name of Brain, but still no success. So anyone looking for auto...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service or the lack of care or assistance
So disgusted with this company and their illegal practices, as well as their reps attitudes and poor treatment towards customers.Recently, within the last few months, I had fallen slightly behind on my car payments. I kept in touch throughout the last few months, at least once every 2 weeks to make sure that I was all set. One of the agents I spoke with had scheduled 3 payments in advance, so I could keep the car because I was making promise of...
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I financed a car with Capital One and paid on it for a year.My car was towed because it appeared I had a suspended license. Well after a long battle I didnt have a suspended license. HOWEVER, the tow company 5 Star Towing sold my car to themselves the day I was coming to get it. What happened was when they first took my car I didnt trust them so I called Capital One. I told them to please repo the car from the tow yard and I would give them the...
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I liked
  • I liked the price and finance charge
I didn't like
  • Customer service or the lack of care or assistance
My vehicle was repo'd in the middle of the night.The company who Cap 1 hired/authorized to pick up the car obviously broke my steering column and neither of them wants to pay for the repairs. My car is inoperable because of this and is now located 2 hours away from me. I've paid Cap 1 what I owe them but I can't get my car because Cap 1 wants me to release them from the damage. I'M NOT A *** FOOL! I'm not releasing anyone and will hire an...
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