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When bill came in I called to find out about payment options... no credit cards are accepted... then I was told you can't pay in advance... payments go tword principal not payment as I wanted... this is a finance co. That is NOT good at customer service!!! Look at there reviews on line... NOT GOOD!!! Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. The person I spoke with was very... Read more

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my gf. bought a car, financed through capitol one, in june 2016. After a month passed and no billing or payment info was received from capital one on her loan she became concerned, but not very, yet. a week later, she recieved a notice by mail from capital one that her proof of insurance had not been recieved (capital one obviously had her correct address at this point), and she contacted her insurer who straightened that issue out... Read more

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I did not receive noticed and I'm extremely concerned with Capitalone actions and state troopers who assisted in the operation. Capital One Auto Finance, repossessed without any forms of written letters or documentation of default. State troopers assisted them and did removed car from driveway by use of threats and verbal force to arrest. Troopers used threats to arrest for obstruction of justice, if I do not get out of the vehicle, trooper... Read more

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I had auto financing with capital one. I'm at the end of my contract and I looked at the financing charges; the word LOAN SHARKING on the down low. I never thought capital one would be so cut throat. I never bother to check the financing charges, because I believe that the company was honest. I spoken with several different representatives & someone at corporate office by the name of Brain, but still no success. So anyone looking for auto... Read more

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I co-signed for a car for my daughter, later to find out that the dealer was not accepting the trade in of her other car! Now I'm dealer with how to get rid of this car without voluntarily taking it back to the dealer!

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Lack of communication they say one thing and do another . They repossesed my car even though I have been communicating situation and they said if I make a payment they would put in back of loan. They didn't now my car got repossesed. Not right

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I called Capital One Auto Finance to see if I could defer or refinance due to company I worked for going out of business. They said absolutely not and placed me on hold 20 times while she kept asking the supervisor questions. I told them if not willing to help, come get the car. I parked it in my garage and 3 mos later they finally picked it up. Asked the repo guy if I needed to fill out a condition report or anything, he said NO and took the... Read more

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I'm behind in payments been at hospital for weeks my father passed away I just got back and went to drive car and they shut it off on me are they allowed to even do that? No compassion not to mention I had it for 3 days and got into a huge accident that wasn't my fault and now I'm Completely screwed does anyone know what I can do ?

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Will the company work with you if you need to push back some payments before they reposes your vehicle. I had recurring payments set up then checked online to verify they were Going to go through and everything was wiped clean, so I know now they want to go after my vehicle. It's a work truck I need it for work, They haven't gotten it yet but I wouldn't be surprised if they tried soon. So can I call them and work with them before they take my... Read more

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