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I was in bed when i here a truck backing up to my car my wife ran out to see what ot was my car was being repoed i had talked to some one on the phone last week told the lady i had lost my job but i have got a new one and will cech up if i could just have till the 31 of this month ahe sed that will be fine and then this happend THANK YOU VARY MUCH!!!!!!!! Add comment

I tried to pay my car payment online today. Couldnt do it. So I called, couldnt do it. Got transfered to Panama. Very hard to understand. Why panama? Why not someone I can understand. Lots of people in USA need jobs. Including me. Got laid off ftom my job of 20 years & Capital One has panama taking my car payment. Very disappointed. Add comment

Our motto is if we were starving, homeless, completely destitute, we would absolutely avoid this company at all costs. We wouldn't take their money if they were throwing it at us after our experience. Back in 2005 we had little to no credit, and you need credit to buy a house right? Don't look to Capital One Auto Finance to help on the road to credit building. Long story short, and you can read... Read more

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I have been in the process of getting my loan modified. I have talked to soo many account managers that it has become unreliable of who I talk to. Today I called to speak to one account manager that has been the constant I am suppose to call and he was not in. So I decided to speak to another rep, the rep decided to tell me all the rules again of their loan modification process, I told her I... Read more

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ANOTHER TIME MY CAR IS GONE! Yet again, this company has screwed me over! They cancelled my Direct Pay and took my car, so I have to try to get my car back out of wherever they are holding it. Called the "customer service" and the person I spoke with is giving me information about how they could not find payments. This is the second time I have had to deal with this issue! HORRIBLE car loan... Read more

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For months Capital One has been calling us before our payment is due. They keep telling us that we are not behind in any payments but keep calling us before our payment is due. They called today for this and when I asked if we were behind she tells me yes. I asked why this is the first time we've been told that we're behind or received anything by mail stating this she couldn't answer me. Every... Read more

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I can't understand why they would ask you to burrow a large amount of money from your relatives so that they can get their money. I understand that you have reports and things to keep up but I find it very disrespectful to put my friends and family into something that is personal. I might not want my family in my business and then after I mention that then the lady says I'm sorry for that but... Read more

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took my car due to non payment. I could not make my payment to to financial hardship within my family. I had three family members pass away in 3 months. I could not come up with the "CASH" for a western union/money gram/or credit card. I was able to get the money due the Capital One Finance thru the help of my church. They made a check payable to Capital One Finance. The received the check,... Read more

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Was told that three thousand dollers was placed in my account, by mistake, which totaled out by car loan, and now they are trying to make me pay for their error, by making me pay a monthly amount that i did not originaly agreed upon in the contract agrreement, i am trying to negociate , but it seems i am beig stonewallled , and wanting a payment in ten days witout any discussion! Sidney... Read more

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Capital One sucks!!!! On 9/11 I asked my daughter to go to my car and get my purse out the trunk. She comes back to tell me that my car is gone. I am thinking my car got stolen. I start canceling credit cards and had the police come over....The officer asked if I am behind in car payments I told him no and haven't had payments in over a year. Well after speaking to someone else and me saying that... Read more

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